The Ranger Pool Lift

Aqua Creek announced this week their new products for 2010. Among them is the highly anticipated Ranger Pool Lift. To be fair, the Ranger isn’t as much a new product, but rather an econimical update to the successful Pro Pool Lift.

Much like its “big brother” the Ranger is ADA compliant and is built to the same durability, and reliability Aqua Creek is known for. The low-profile design offers functionality, without being obtrusive to look at.

The reduced price of the Ranger (currently $3,235) is made possible primarily in its reduced foot print. This results is a shorter “travel” range and reduced weight capacity (300lbs./136kg) compared to  the Pro Pool Lift. However, in our experience the set back of 4″ – 14″ works perfectly for pool configurations that are typical of home and smaller hotel users.

The Ranger features a 5 year structural and pro-rated electrical warranty. Be sure to check out the Ranger Pool Lift and its available options Today!

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