Great commercial for the e-motion power assist wheels!

E-motions offer some great functionality for wheelchair users who need a little extra push but want to continue using a manual chair.  I stumbled along this funnycommercial for the e-motions on youtube. I figured I’d share it with you guys.

Two thumbs up to the team at Alber, the manufacturer of E-motions! For more information on these great devices see e-motions


Hydraulic Pool Lifts

Hydraulic Pool Lifts

Hydraulic pool lifts are the most affordable option for those wanting assistance getting in and out of pool. Hydraulic lifts are not as versatile as others such as battery, or hydro powered pool lifts. However for certain patients they prove to be more applicable than more complex lifts, and often for at least half the cost.

Simple to operate!
Hydraulic lifts as the name suggests use a hydraulic actuator that someone must crank to raise the patient up. This is similar in function of hydraulic patient lifts like the classic Hoyer lift. Once in the sling, or optional hard seat, and raised up  the caregiver must turn the mast to move the user over the pool. The user can then easily be lowered into the water. The process is repeated in reverse for getting someone out of the pool.

Who can use the lift?
The lift can not be operated by the patient themselves and requires at least one caregiver to be supervsing for the transfers. However there are a number of uses where hydraulic lifts better meet the patients needs. For caregivers whose patient/loved one couldn’t operate the lift themselves a hydraulic lift can be an affordable option to consider.

Also for patients who can not use a hard seat due to contractures or spasm sling based lift (either hydraulic or power) can be a better fit. It may also be suitable for any non-commercial pool owner who couldn’t otherwise afford a pool lift.

To see more information on specifc hydraulic lifts visit our product category page: Hydraulic pool lifts

Please note:  Most pool lifts are designed to meet the needs of MOST pool designs but to be sure if a particular lift will work for you, always fill out a deck configuration worksheet. Hydraulic lifts do not meet ADA requirements and as such will not pass inspection on ANY commercial property.

Pool Lifts

Patriot Portable Pool Lift
Patriot Portable Pool Lift

Pool lifts have done something for wheelchair bound individuals that wasn’t possible before the 1980s and that is provide a safe and easy way to get in and out of the pool.

In the past decade manufacturers such as Aqua Creek, Aquatic Access, and RehaMed International (now S.R. Smith) have created pool lifts that are self-operated. A self-propelled lift allows the user to operate the lift with minimal to no supervision allowing greater independence.

If you are considering a pool lift there are a number of different types to choose from including those that are hydraulic (manual powered), battery powererd and hyrdro powered lifts. There are also some limitations that may affect which lift may work for your pool. During this month we will be posting a series on Pool Lifts to help familiarize you with these awesome devices.

EzEnabler Review

EzEnabler Wheelchair Accesory

I’ve often struggled to find a tray table that I could easily use on my wheelchair. I don’t use armrests on my Quickie GT, so there isn’t a way to mount the vast majority of trays on the market.  I resorted to just carrying and balancing things on my lap. I constantly dropped phones, keys etc. but it was more convenient to reach over and pick them up than deal with bulky trays.

Few weeks ago, I was introduced to the EzEnabler. The EzEnabler is an accessory kit for wheelchairs that is portable and would function without armrests. The kit includes a cup holder, multipurpose hook, and an 11.5” x 9.75” tray table. It also has 3 poles (7”, 9”, &14”) that can be used in any combination to ensure proper height. The best part of the kit is that it is portable.

I have found the EzEnabler to be extremely helpful. I use it for cooking, household duties like laundry and cleaning, shopping, and even grabbing the next round of drinks for the friends at the bar. When I’m done with the tray I can put the entire kit in the included transport bag, leaving only the receiver on the frame.


  • Quad friendly to install and adjust
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Included bag doubles well as backpack


  • While the poles have a smooth finish the clamp is unfinished which is noticeable to us style conscious.
  • Tray is a little small *

*New tray sizes and options are in the works and should be available soon.

 More Info:
Product Page
Installation Video