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TiLite ZRA Series 2

Last month, via their facebook page,  TiLite gave us a preview of the Series 2 ZRA expected to release later this month.

The new release of the very popular ZRA has an updated look and some great new options, that once again raise the bar in wheelchair performance and style.Caster Housing - ZRA Series 2

The most noticable changes were made to the caster housing. As you can see the caster housing is more oval and is easier to adjust caster angle. The single sided fork also cuts down on the amount of dirt and particles that can get caught between caster and fork saving time when cleaning.

A few other notable changes:

  • Redesigned Axle Plate (4″ rear seat height adjustment and up to 6″ of COG)
  • New Backrest Bracket (20 degrees of adjustment)
  • Choice of two frame types (the lighter .045 wall tubing or standard .065 )

ZRA Series 2The ZRA Series 2 will feature the same options you’ve come to expect from TiLite including 6 anodized color options and the exclusive Tattooed Titanium frame finishs. The Series 2 chairs included an expected release of the ZR (details to come) still showcase the style and performance of lightweight titanium. And why not when you spend all day in a chair it’s important to have a style representative of you.

Check back for futher updates as we get closer to the official launch.

More info on the original ZRA

The Ranger Pool Lift

Aqua Creek announced this week their new products for 2010. Among them is the highly anticipated Ranger Pool Lift. To be fair, the Ranger isn’t as much a new product, but rather an econimical update to the successful Pro Pool Lift.

Much like its “big brother” the Ranger is ADA compliant and is built to the same durability, and reliability Aqua Creek is known for. The low-profile design offers functionality, without being obtrusive to look at.

The reduced price of the Ranger (currently $3,235) is made possible primarily in its reduced foot print. This results is a shorter “travel” range and reduced weight capacity (300lbs./136kg) compared to  the Pro Pool Lift. However, in our experience the set back of 4″ – 14″ works perfectly for pool configurations that are typical of home and smaller hotel users.

The Ranger features a 5 year structural and pro-rated electrical warranty. Be sure to check out the Ranger Pool Lift and its available options Today!

You may also be interested in our other ADA Compliant Pool Lifts.

Paralympic Curler Augusto Perez

The 2010 paralympic games recently wrapped up. By all reports, although limited, it seemed to be a well run event. The US paralympic team did well, placing 5th overall in the metal count.

Even as an avid Olympic viewer, prior to this years event in Vancouver, I hadn’t followed the paralympics, and had little understanding of Wheelchair Curling. My interest in the sport was peaked when we were approached and asked to support one of the wheelchair curlers.

We were proud to support US paralympic athlete Augusto Perez, by supplying him with a set of D’s Locks for his curling chair.

Augusto “Goose” Perez, 35, has represented Team USA twice in the winter paralympic games. His first time on the team (Torino 2006) came only months after his first time ever trying the sport. Goose an avid soccer player, lost his left leg after 3 bouts with a rare cancer soft tissue sarcoma.

It’s safe to say Goose excelled at wheelchair curling, because in 2008 he was named USA Curling Male Athlete of the Year. This would mark the first time a wheelchair curler had been given the honor.

Goose Perez with Twins
Goose Perez with Twins

The 2008 award wasn’t Goose’s first time breaking sporting barriers. In the same year he was the first athlete with a physical disability to win gold in the outrigger canoe 500m sprint, at the World Championships.

When Goose isn’t on the ice, he would most likely be found playing with his twin children.

For Goose, like many other paralympic athletes, the love of sports and an active lifestyle don’t end with the closing ceremony. Wherever he goes, Goose trusts D’s Locks to secure his chair.

For more on Augusto visit his website Stumpede Sports. See more on Team USA at the official website: US Paralympic Team

Great commercial for the e-motion power assist wheels!

E-motions offer some great functionality for wheelchair users who need a little extra push but want to continue using a manual chair.  I stumbled along this funnycommercial for the e-motions on youtube. I figured I’d share it with you guys.

Two thumbs up to the team at Alber, the manufacturer of E-motions! For more information on these great devices see e-motions

Hydraulic Pool Lifts

Hydraulic Pool Lifts

Hydraulic pool lifts are the most affordable option for those wanting assistance getting in and out of pool. Hydraulic lifts are not as versatile as others such as battery, or hydro powered pool lifts. However for certain patients they prove to be more applicable than more complex lifts, and often for at least half the cost.

Simple to operate!
Hydraulic lifts as the name suggests use a hydraulic actuator that someone must crank to raise the patient up. This is similar in function of hydraulic patient lifts like the classic Hoyer lift. Once in the sling, or optional hard seat, and raised up  the caregiver must turn the mast to move the user over the pool. The user can then easily be lowered into the water. The process is repeated in reverse for getting someone out of the pool.

Who can use the lift?
The lift can not be operated by the patient themselves and requires at least one caregiver to be supervsing for the transfers. However there are a number of uses where hydraulic lifts better meet the patients needs. For caregivers whose patient/loved one couldn’t operate the lift themselves a hydraulic lift can be an affordable option to consider.

Also for patients who can not use a hard seat due to contractures or spasm sling based lift (either hydraulic or power) can be a better fit. It may also be suitable for any non-commercial pool owner who couldn’t otherwise afford a pool lift.

To see more information on specifc hydraulic lifts visit our product category page: Hydraulic pool lifts

Please note:  Most pool lifts are designed to meet the needs of MOST pool designs but to be sure if a particular lift will work for you, always fill out a deck configuration worksheet. Hydraulic lifts do not meet ADA requirements and as such will not pass inspection on ANY commercial property.

Pool Lifts

Patriot Portable Pool Lift
Patriot Portable Pool Lift

Pool lifts have done something for wheelchair bound individuals that wasn’t possible before the 1980s and that is provide a safe and easy way to get in and out of the pool.

In the past decade manufacturers such as Aqua Creek, Aquatic Access, and RehaMed International (now S.R. Smith) have created pool lifts that are self-operated. A self-propelled lift allows the user to operate the lift with minimal to no supervision allowing greater independence.

If you are considering a pool lift there are a number of different types to choose from including those that are hydraulic (manual powered), battery powererd and hyrdro powered lifts. There are also some limitations that may affect which lift may work for your pool. During this month we will be posting a series on Pool Lifts to help familiarize you with these awesome devices.