Jeff Sirko – I am a C-6 quadriplegic as a rersult of a football accident in 2001. Saying that being 15 and a quadriplegic gives you a unique perspective is an understatement. It can be especially difficult if you’ve never met anyone else who’s been in your position. 

In the years following my accident I was fortunate enough to meet a few great people locally and in the online communities that made a difficult transition much easier for me. The information and experience they had to share undoubtably helped me achieve my goals of independence and foster a more positive outlook on life. They also helped me find the many great devices that make life “roll” much easier. 

I feel very strongly about helping others who find themselve with an SCI, or other disability, to get the information they need. We started our business Live Well Medical Supplies  and this blog for that very purpose. I don’t want us to be just a business but a resource that you feel confident and comfortable can help you find the products you need to help you, Live Well.

Brian Sirko – As a parent of a quadriplegic, I understand not only the cost of dealing with this life changing injury, but more important the emotional and physical times you have experienced or may experience in the coming future.  One minute he is getting ready for his Homecoming game and the next we are in the emergency room being told Jeff would never walk again.

When we left the Hospital just before Christmas 2001 we had no idea what laid ahead of us or how Jeff and his family would handle it.  I am proud to say that through a lot of hard work and consistent effort Jeff has progressed from needing assistance with almost every thing to being fully independent. During that time we learned a lot about what is needed for someone with a spinal cord injury.  As we develop our website we plan to incorporate what we have learned.


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