MAP Prices and how it affects you.

Minimum Advertised Price or “MAP” – is a pricing restriction set by the manufacturer.  It is the lowest price a company is allowed to advertise an item for.  All dealers who buy MAP items are required to advertise them for no less than MAP price regardless of actual sale price.

While MAP pricing is not a new concept, it has become increasingly common for medical equipment manufacturers to use MAP pricing. The generally reason given for such policies is to help curb excess competition to price. However, the general consensus is that it is intended to bring online prices back in line with what brick and mortar stores have to charge to sell the product.

Whatever the reason, MAP Pricing puts a greater focus on customer service and understanding of the product rather than just the price. We believe that it provides us and the customer a great oppurtunity to focus on service. If every dealer advertises a product at the same price, than we have to differentiate ourselves by providing more information and better service to earn your business.

No need to worry, for all of you who know what you want and like to shop prices, “MAP price” refers only to the advertised price. We are allowed to sell items for any price we want.

If you see an item labeled MAP price it almost always means that there may be extra discounts available.  If ever in doubt give us a call and we’ll always give you the best price we can offer.


One thought on “MAP Prices and how it affects you.

  1. Re: MAP – some manufacturers have contractural obligations to sell their products to the contracting party at the lowest available price. If this entity later discovers that you have sold the smae product at a price that is even lower, in the public marketplace, the manufacturer could be found in violationn of the legally binding agreement. They could face severe penalyies up to and including fines, contract cancelation (meaning loss of an often major source of orders and revenue), incarceration for the responsible individual principles, and loss of a once good reputaion (when publicly declared a fraud, felon, cheat and criminal).

    Keep this in mind when you invite customers to request illegal discounts. Also, when you bash brick and morter establishments that are local and service their clients, while charging a (oh-my- gosh!) fair price for their service.

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