The Benefit of Adjustable Wheelchairs

I was talking with a customer yesterday who is looking to purchase a new wheelchair. He likes the TiLite “Z” series but wasn’t sure about the differences between the ZR and the ZRa.

TiLite ZR
TiLite ZR

The ZR and ZRA are identical in every respect except one. The difference is the axle plate on the ZRA is adjustable whereas the ZR axle plate is not. With the ZRA you can adjust the center of gravity, and the rear seat height. These measurements can be hard to determine when ordering a chair because each person is different so there is no quick answer to which measurement is best. 

TiLite ZRA fully adjustable wheelchair
TiLite ZRA
Center of Gravity, and rear seat height are measurements based on individual comfort and function. The only way to really know if you’ve got the correct measurement is to try different settings and see which feels best. Without an adjustable chair you may have to spend 5 years in a less than optimal position before you can afford to get another chair.

With adjustable chairs like the ZRA it takes only about 15 minutes to move the center of gravity. The greatest part about adjustable wheelchairs is you get added function without sacrificing style or paying any more. I always recommend a chair that is adjustable because you can play around with those measurements as often as you’d like until you find the fit that is right for you.


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